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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season)

I'm going to count that as last season since it's summertime now. Originally I would have said Glee, but though I'm behind about 5-7 episodes at the moment, I just didn't like where the show was going. Moving so quickly, missing great opportunities for emotional beats and character development (not to be confused with plot progress, as mentioned, they did that rapidly enough). FlashForward had some great potential in the "lesser" characters, but, IMHO, made some poor casting *and* character choices for leads. Ultimately, the show failed so I guess it's irrelevant anyway.

So I guess I'll go with a less than enthusiastic tie between...

1. Modern Family

I do love this show. They use a lot of gags that are tired and trite in regular sitcoms and somehow turn them around and make them fresh in a family-oriented show that features a lot of younger kids. I'm not entirely sure how they make it work, but they do. It's a really funny show, and so worth catching week to week.

This is my favorite scene from the pilot. Cameron and Mitchell adopted a baby and Cameron is trying to tell his family...

2. Caprica

I've only seen about 4-5 episodes of this so far, which is why I hesitate to include it. But pickings were super slim last season, and I did absolutely love the pilot of Caprica. I've heard it only got better towards the mid-season finale (the second half of season one hadn't aired yet) so hopefully once I get that far, I'll feel more confident about having included it here.

So the pilot of Caprica was like watching BSG as a high school drama. Which to me, is awesomeness. Halfway through the episode, they destroyed the viewers' sense of what the show was going to be about (to me, anyway) and while I'm...a little disappointed, I guess, in the direction that took, I highly respect the balls it took to do that, and the way it was handled. If the show keeps getting better and manages to build an awesome plot arch while developing the younger characters, then I'll be in for the long haul. Though it wasn't my favorite just because of personal tastes, BSG was brilliant (up to the last couple episodes anyway), and I hope Caprica manages to develop a similarly strong emotional core.

Here's a promo for the first season:

Side note: If you're a bit iffy on sci-fi, as I am (I mostly watch supernatural stuff-- there IS a difference), it's still worth giving this show a shot. It's not a "ship show" like BSG was, and it's more about...advanced gadgets and the birth of a new technology, while revolving mostly around the families effected by and affecting this change in the world and humanity.


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