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Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll give you:
a) a fact about them from my personal canon
b) a reason he/she sucks
c) a reason he/she is amazing
d) a thing that I'd like to see happen to them
e) someone that I can't ship that character with

Applicable fandoms:  Whedonverse, Lost Girl, Legend of the Seeker, TSCC, Community, Supernatural, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who (series 5+), Leverage, BSG, One Tree Hill (early seasons), Roswell, Charmed (first 6 seasons), Warehouse 13, Higher Ground, Animorphs, Harper's Island, Smallville (early seasons)

TSCC - John

Date: 2011-01-17 09:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
A) In the future, he winds up running into and befriending Riley. Even if it somehow doesn't change anything, he does something nice for her just that once, and learns where she comes from. Also, John/Cameron. Totally canon for me.
B) I'm just staring at my blinking cursor trying to think about something that sucks about John. I'm fairly happy with how his character developed over those two short seasons. Going back to Riley, I do wish he would have tried a little harder to help her, but I'm not sure he really could have.
C) Man. It was so great watching him go from this little teenage boy struggling with the weight of literally the entire world on his shoulders to starting to become John freaking Connor. At the point we left him, he's brave, resilient, loyal, and compassionate. And all those things that he became made plenty of sense even though he had such a definite change over the course of those two seasons. Love it, and love him.
D) I just would have loved to have seen anything in the future. I would have liked him to develop some kind of relationship with Alison (platonic or otherwise) and see how that impacted future John's relationship with Cameron, building of Cameron, any of the above. That all just had so much potential. And like I said, I would have liked him to have encountered Riley and, honestly, Jesse in the future, see what happened with that.
E) I can't ship him with his mom or Derek. I hate when people do that -.-


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