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Character Meme

Snagged from [ profile] later_tuesday 

Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll give you:
a) a fact about them from my personal canon
b) a reason he/she sucks
c) a reason he/she is amazing
d) a thing that I'd like to see happen to them
e) someone that I can't ship that character with

Applicable fandoms:  Whedonverse, Lost Girl, Legend of the Seeker, TSCC, Community, Supernatural, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who (series 5+), Leverage, BSG, One Tree Hill (early seasons), Roswell, Charmed (first 6 seasons), Warehouse 13, Higher Ground, Animorphs, Harper's Island, Smallville (early seasons)

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Zoe, Firefly

Firefly: Zoe

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Tough one! It's been ages since I've seen Firefly. I should rewatch that soon.

A) In my personal canon, she and Wash are still together. Which I guess is more about Wash than about her, but oh well.
B) Hmm. She doesn't? Haha. Okay, from what I remember (and I could be wrong), it was a little difficult to identify with Zoe a lot of the time, because she didn't show a lot of herself and her vulnerabilities. Okay, I feel like she had to have, because it was a Joss show, but...I can't remember her doing that (in the series at least). Hrmph. I really need to rewatch.
C) She's amazing because she's a super kickass heroine. She is 2nd in command and doesn't feel any need to sleep with her damn captain, and is already happily married and doesn't have to be involved in any sort of angsty love dilemma just because she's female. It's a helluva nice change in a show.
D) Not really sure. Anything that would have tested her and pushed her to her limits emotionally (events of Serenity excluded) since we already know how kickass she is on a normal day to day basis.
E) Anyone but Wash, really.

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Kenzi - Lost Girl

Annie - Community

Lost Girl - Kenzi

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A) Kenzi's got some really fucked up family situation. It seems like she's been away from home for a long time, and she's really young. Not sure if her parents are dead, or if they just suck, but something's going on there, and hopefully we find out next season.
B) Okay this doesn't really make her suck, necessarily, but she does tend to let Bo walk all over her. She's so fucking loyal to Bo and it rarely seems returned. Okay, maybe this is more why Bo sucks haha. But anyway, it's an interesting dynamic, but I'm waiting for the day that Kenzi cracks, because it's obvious she notices the one-sidedness and is internalizing it. If it doesn't break through some day, she's not going to be very convincing as a character.
C) Pretty much everything. Mainly, she's really hilarious, genuinely wants to help people in spite of the badass street urchin vibe she tries to put off, and she's so damn loyal and a good friend. Pretty brave too.
D) I think I'd like to see her faced with her past. She's always the tough one, always has everyone's back. I'd like to see what she's running from, and what happens to her and the people around her when it catches up with her, which I have a feeling it will.
E) Bo. I really only ship her with Hale tbh, but I absolutely refuse to ship her with Bo. I like their friendship too much.

Community - Annie

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A) Similarly to Kenzi, I think Annie comes from a really fucked up place. She says she had no friends in school, is absurdly hard on herself, got hooked on pills in HIGH SCHOOL, etc. I also think (and Alison Brie has said she thinks this as well, in some interview I read) that she probably has pretty fucked up parents. Her and Britta (who I think has even MORE fucked up parents) and Jeff were the only ones who didn't have family at family day in s1 (and Jeff's was bc he hadn't told his mom he's not a lawyer). She clearly grew up in the area since she and Troy went to the same school, yet instead of living at home, she's living in a really, really dangerous part of town.
B) I hate that she fell out of her presumably really long obsession with Troy that quickly. I really ship them. More than that, I hate that she went after not only Vaughn but also Jeff after Britta dated one/declared her love for the other. I want them to have an actual friendship outside of fighting over guys, and this tendency to be interested in the same guys as Britta doesn't really help. Plus I just don't like her and Jeff together. Yes, the actors have chemistry, but as characters, in the long term, they don't make any sense.
C) She's Annie. She's cute and sad and vulnerable and I just want to see her figure out who she is and what her life should be about. She makes a lot of bad decisions, but it usually seems to be out of naivety, and her intentions are generally good.
D) Again, following what Alison Brie herself has said, I'd like to see Annie get hooked on pills again. Or any kind of drug. In one of the serious-ish Community storylines. She's growing up, but I feel like she's still got a lot of mess to fight through in her life, she just tends to push it aside and pretend it doesn't exist. I also, like I said, want to see her and Britta bond over something legitimate, instead of fighting/making up over guys as they have so far. Oh, and also as Alison Brie has said, I would like to see something with her family making an appearance. Or basically anything from her backstory.
E) I can ship Annie with any of the main characters except Shirley and Pierce (and Chang, if you count him as main). I'd prefer her with Troy, of course, and would rather not ship Annie/Britta, but I *could* if need be lol. And there have certainly been some funny allusions to it in the show.

Re: Community - Annie

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Good stuff re: both. Lovin' the icons :) (oh, Annie haha)

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Zedd, Legend of the Seeker (heee)

LotS - Zedd

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Ugh. Zedd.

A) He is ded. D-E-D ded.
B) He's annoying. He plays the wise mentor or whatever, but that only holds the characters back. That's why, in movies, the wise mentor dude often dies in the first or second act, so the main character can strike out on his own and complete his quest and become a man or whatever. Plus Zedd's magic always made an easy solution for problems the others got themselves into. AND. His fucking time warp thing in the last episodes fucked up the entire storyline and I pretty much pretend the very last thing that happened was Cara getting tortured, because I am so fucking pissed that essentially nothing that happened in the second season actually happened (I know people argue this, but things would NOT have gone down the same because Cara would have been an ENTIRELY different person if she hadn't known that chick growing up. So essentially, we never knew this "new" Cara that appeared at the end of s2 at all).
C) Occasionally he said funny things. But I hated the storylines that focused on him. Blech. So wrinkly.
D) I would have liked to have seen him die and/or leave R/K/C to their own devices. Or turn irredeemably evil. Or at the very least, NOT HAVE DESTROYED CARA'S ENTIRE CHARACTER ARC.
E) I can't ship him with anyone. Ew. Gross. Well okay, maybe Clara the chicken. They deserve each other.

Re: LotS - Zedd

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HAHAHAHAHAAHAH <3333 I was going to do Darken Rahl, buuuuut I thought Zedd would be lulzier. I didn't even have a zedd icon to post it with. LOL

Community - Jeff

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(I know, so cliche, but that one scene about dads being alcoholics had and continues to have me intrigued!)

Community - Jeff

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A) He totally likes Britta more than Annie. I feel like that's a super lame answer, because it's about shipping, but still. Also, there's no way he actually went through his whole life as "lawyer!Jeff," not caring about anything or anyone. Not sure what or who made him care, when or why etc etc, but I'm sure there was something.
B) Well he makes some bad decisions. He's definitely a character in need of redemption, and sometimes it feels like he's taking his sweet time getting there (which of course, in actuality, is a good thing for the show and makes for a more interesting character). However, one of those decisions involved kissing an 18 year old. Which is hella creepy. Throw in the fact that it was immediately after two other women he supposedly cared about declared their love for him, and it's also hella slimy. I wish they'd move past it.
C) He's Jeff Winger! He gives awesome speeches, can get anyone to do anything, and, in spite of himself, truly cares about his Greendale family. You really gotta love him when all is said and done.
D) I'm not sure. Jeff's growth and development and storylines are pretty well taken care of, as basically every episode has a storyline that focuses on him. So I'll just say that I would like to see him...never leave college campus. Because they never left campus in season 1 and the episodes were way better. And the ones in s2 where they don't leave campus are all better than the ones where they do.
E) I can only ship him with Britta and Annie (who I have to ship him with if I want to read any damn fic about the show, sigh). But I think the worst out of all to ship him with would be Pierce haha

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John, TSCC

Chloe, Harper's Island

TSCC - John

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A) In the future, he winds up running into and befriending Riley. Even if it somehow doesn't change anything, he does something nice for her just that once, and learns where she comes from. Also, John/Cameron. Totally canon for me.
B) I'm just staring at my blinking cursor trying to think about something that sucks about John. I'm fairly happy with how his character developed over those two short seasons. Going back to Riley, I do wish he would have tried a little harder to help her, but I'm not sure he really could have.
C) Man. It was so great watching him go from this little teenage boy struggling with the weight of literally the entire world on his shoulders to starting to become John freaking Connor. At the point we left him, he's brave, resilient, loyal, and compassionate. And all those things that he became made plenty of sense even though he had such a definite change over the course of those two seasons. Love it, and love him.
D) I just would have loved to have seen anything in the future. I would have liked him to develop some kind of relationship with Alison (platonic or otherwise) and see how that impacted future John's relationship with Cameron, building of Cameron, any of the above. That all just had so much potential. And like I said, I would have liked him to have encountered Riley and, honestly, Jesse in the future, see what happened with that.
E) I can't ship him with his mom or Derek. I hate when people do that -.-

Harper's Island - Chloe

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Oh Harper's Island. My roommate was just asking me about that show yesterday, cuz I'd told her she should watch it sometime.

A) I don't think I had time to develop personal canons for any of the characters. Except that they're all still alive haha O_O
B) She seemed a little shallow at first if I recall correctly, which sucks because it didn't leave us enough time to get to really know her character. Or at least, not as much time as I would have liked. And I know that's part of getting to know her character, in actuality, but still. Hrmph. Mainly she just sucks for not being around long enough.
C) Do I even need to answer this? She had possibly the most epic scene in the show. She and Cal truly had me convinced of their love, even in that short time. And she was so brave in her own way. Oh Chloe.
D) I would have liked to have seen her get off the island, with Cal. Duh. =/
E) Anyone but Cal. They were too good together.

Firefly: River

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Gahh River's another hard one b/c I don't remember Firefly very well. Bad fan.

A) In my personal canon, she does not have sex with any member of the crew. Most importantly, she does not have sex with Jayne and/or her brother. This is also actual canon, but the entire fandom fails to grasp this idea.
B) She's crazy. As super interesting as that is, and as well as it was both written and acted (obviously), it does make her a little hard to relate to. My favorite moments were when little pieces of sanity and/or vulnerability snuck through. But River doesn't really suck at all, so this is grasping anyway.
C) She's so kick ass. Damn. Like. Yeah. And a really interesting character. And TEH SUMMER GLAU. 'Nuff said, really.
D) So much more I would have liked to have seen with her. I would like to have seen the person she wound up being a few years later. I would have liked a better development of friendship b/w her and Kaylee, and even her and Jayne. Just lots more. It was all so short.
E) Simon. #squick