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Date: 2011-01-17 09:50 am (UTC)
A) He totally likes Britta more than Annie. I feel like that's a super lame answer, because it's about shipping, but still. Also, there's no way he actually went through his whole life as "lawyer!Jeff," not caring about anything or anyone. Not sure what or who made him care, when or why etc etc, but I'm sure there was something.
B) Well he makes some bad decisions. He's definitely a character in need of redemption, and sometimes it feels like he's taking his sweet time getting there (which of course, in actuality, is a good thing for the show and makes for a more interesting character). However, one of those decisions involved kissing an 18 year old. Which is hella creepy. Throw in the fact that it was immediately after two other women he supposedly cared about declared their love for him, and it's also hella slimy. I wish they'd move past it.
C) He's Jeff Winger! He gives awesome speeches, can get anyone to do anything, and, in spite of himself, truly cares about his Greendale family. You really gotta love him when all is said and done.
D) I'm not sure. Jeff's growth and development and storylines are pretty well taken care of, as basically every episode has a storyline that focuses on him. So I'll just say that I would like to see him...never leave college campus. Because they never left campus in season 1 and the episodes were way better. And the ones in s2 where they don't leave campus are all better than the ones where they do.
E) I can only ship him with Britta and Annie (who I have to ship him with if I want to read any damn fic about the show, sigh). But I think the worst out of all to ship him with would be Pierce haha
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