LotS - Zedd

Date: 2011-01-17 02:42 am (UTC)
Ugh. Zedd.

A) He is ded. D-E-D ded.
B) He's annoying. He plays the wise mentor or whatever, but that only holds the characters back. That's why, in movies, the wise mentor dude often dies in the first or second act, so the main character can strike out on his own and complete his quest and become a man or whatever. Plus Zedd's magic always made an easy solution for problems the others got themselves into. AND. His fucking time warp thing in the last episodes fucked up the entire storyline and I pretty much pretend the very last thing that happened was Cara getting tortured, because I am so fucking pissed that essentially nothing that happened in the second season actually happened (I know people argue this, but things would NOT have gone down the same because Cara would have been an ENTIRELY different person if she hadn't known that chick growing up. So essentially, we never knew this "new" Cara that appeared at the end of s2 at all).
C) Occasionally he said funny things. But I hated the storylines that focused on him. Blech. So wrinkly.
D) I would have liked to have seen him die and/or leave R/K/C to their own devices. Or turn irredeemably evil. Or at the very least, NOT HAVE DESTROYED CARA'S ENTIRE CHARACTER ARC.
E) I can't ship him with anyone. Ew. Gross. Well okay, maybe Clara the chicken. They deserve each other.
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