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Date: 2011-01-17 02:37 am (UTC)
A) Similarly to Kenzi, I think Annie comes from a really fucked up place. She says she had no friends in school, is absurdly hard on herself, got hooked on pills in HIGH SCHOOL, etc. I also think (and Alison Brie has said she thinks this as well, in some interview I read) that she probably has pretty fucked up parents. Her and Britta (who I think has even MORE fucked up parents) and Jeff were the only ones who didn't have family at family day in s1 (and Jeff's was bc he hadn't told his mom he's not a lawyer). She clearly grew up in the area since she and Troy went to the same school, yet instead of living at home, she's living in a really, really dangerous part of town.
B) I hate that she fell out of her presumably really long obsession with Troy that quickly. I really ship them. More than that, I hate that she went after not only Vaughn but also Jeff after Britta dated one/declared her love for the other. I want them to have an actual friendship outside of fighting over guys, and this tendency to be interested in the same guys as Britta doesn't really help. Plus I just don't like her and Jeff together. Yes, the actors have chemistry, but as characters, in the long term, they don't make any sense.
C) She's Annie. She's cute and sad and vulnerable and I just want to see her figure out who she is and what her life should be about. She makes a lot of bad decisions, but it usually seems to be out of naivety, and her intentions are generally good.
D) Again, following what Alison Brie herself has said, I'd like to see Annie get hooked on pills again. Or any kind of drug. In one of the serious-ish Community storylines. She's growing up, but I feel like she's still got a lot of mess to fight through in her life, she just tends to push it aside and pretend it doesn't exist. I also, like I said, want to see her and Britta bond over something legitimate, instead of fighting/making up over guys as they have so far. Oh, and also as Alison Brie has said, I would like to see something with her family making an appearance. Or basically anything from her backstory.
E) I can ship Annie with any of the main characters except Shirley and Pierce (and Chang, if you count him as main). I'd prefer her with Troy, of course, and would rather not ship Annie/Britta, but I *could* if need be lol. And there have certainly been some funny allusions to it in the show.
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