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I love how I can make a comment about how fucking annoyed I am that Santana pretty much got the shit beat out of her by Lauren on Glee and it was 100% played off as a joke (specifically because if Kurt so much as gets slushied/thrown in a dumpster/shoved into a locker/etc it's OMG END OF THE WORLD), and the immediate response I get is basically: "Yeah, but did you see what a bitch she was being?"

Aaaaand rant. But a thoughtful one. )
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Day 14: Favorite male character

This is a bitch. Tomorrow's is going to be even more of a bitch. But I'm just not going to overthink it and am gonna go with the first three that immediately pop -- shit, the first FOUR that immediately pop into my head. OKAYSTARTINGNOW.

1. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

(not entirely related, but amazing nonetheless)

I feel like this doesn't really need any further explanation. If I really limited myself to one answer as the topic insinuates (*scoff*), Dean would probably be it. He's really hot, he's a tough dude, he's resourceful, he's hilarious, he's heroic, and yet he's got his sensitive and totally fucked up/broken side too. Dean is awesome. And he really freaking loves his brother. I love that about him. And NOT in an "OMG WINCEST" way, because no, no no no. I am not one of those fans. Dean's had a fantastic arc over the last five years (in spite, as mentioned previously, the somewhat redundant emotional notes the last season kept hammering on), I loved where he ended in the finale, and I'm really interested to see where his story goes next season.

2. John Connor (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

(also not entirely related)

The John we got to know is the opposite of Dean in a lot of ways. Yes, they're both hot, and tough, and heroic, but up until the last few episodes of season two, John was still just this scared little boy. Yeah, he stood up and fought, a lot, but he wasn't a leader. He just wanted to be a normal kid with a normal life. And it was great getting to watch him struggle with who he wanted to be versus who he knew he had to grow up to be. That's a lot to put on a teenager, and it definitely made him a really interesting character.

3. Topher Brink (Dollhouse)

I love Topher. I really, really love Topher. He was a totally jackass (albeit a hilarious jackass) in the first season, with brains that matured far faster than emotions and morality. But eventually that all caught up with him, and he was forced to brutally take in the consequences of the tech he'd created over and over again, watching his world crash down around him. As heart-wrenching as it was to watch (what else would you expect from Joss, really?), it was an incredible arc for him.

4. Eliot Spencer (Leverage)

Eliot. Kicks. Ass. I'd be lying if I said there was really much more to my love of him than that. He kicks a lot of ass, looks really hot doing it, and, oh yeah, kicks more ass. If I try to go beyond that, honestly, I start getting confused between show!Eliot and fandom!Eliot (a problem I'll likely discuss at length tomorrow). I read a shit ton of Eliot/Parker fics, and in them, Eliot is just this really awesome, gentle-yet-ass-kicking protector, which you can tell he has going for him in the show as well, especially in certain episodes, but it hasn't been explored as thoroughly as in fics. And I love the dynamic between him and Parker in fandom. It's super lame, because most E/P writers have the characters spot on, and their romantic dynamic makes perfect sense, which MEANS it should make sense in the show, and I'm pissed the writers seem to disagree. ARGHHH. But I just got into a slight disagreement about this on fandom!secrets so I'm not gonna do it again right now. Anyway, Eliot. Ass kicking. Yes.

*Side note: Two of the characters listed had brief romantic entanglements with characters played by Alona Tal. Coincidence....? BTW, she is also awesome and needs her own show.
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Day 10: A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

This is an easy three-way tie between some of my favorite current shows.

1. Supernatural

This show seems like it's tailor-made to my interests. Demons? Check. Siblings? Check. Overarching mythos? Check. All-male cast? Errr. Wait. I didn't request that. I generally don't watch shows that only have dude protagonists. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's because I feel like I can't always relate to them. Maybe it's because it feels unbalanced (I generally don't watch all-female protagonist shows either, Charmed being an exception). I'm really not sure. I just usually don't care for them. Actually, now that I think about it, a better reason may be because usually shows and movies like that tend to have "token," two-dimensional female characters, which seriously irks me. But Supernatural does not. It's an incredibly well-crafted show (recent redundancy in emotional notes aside) with really well-developed characters - both major and minor. And I fuckin' love it.

(ignore the subtitles, it's the only version I could find that allowed embedding)

2. Doctor Who

Doctor Who always struck me as super cheesy. And, let's face it, it is. I had no interest in watching the first four seasons of the current series, and now that I've watched 2.5 of them, I agree with my first instinct. But this last season has been really well-written in terms of story. Some of the character work is really bugging me, especially after the finale, but I'm going to wait until the next season to comment more on it. Not sure where it's going, but I do know I'm enjoying it.

3. Leverage

I don't watch TNT/USA shows. It's not that they're bad, but they're kind of all the same. I'd meant to check out Leverage for awhile because of Christian Kane, but just kept putting it off and putting it off. And then the thing that always happens to me happened. I was reading fan fic for one show (Buffy), clicked on the author's profile, started reading other stories she'd written, wound up reading a (realllllly OOC) Leverage one, decided I wanted to know more about the character (Parker), researched the episode guide, picked an episode, watched, and boom. In love. Leverage is still a procedural with occasional emphasis on character and backstory like the other TNT/USA shows, but damn do I love these characters! (Minus Nate, of course.) It's such a nice variety, and they don't feel like characters I see on other shows.

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Day 9: Best scene ever

I don't have a "best scene ever," I don't think. I'm gonna shoot off a couple favorites.

Angel, Five by Five - "I'm bad! I'm bad. Please. Angel, please, just do it." (38:00 - end)

One of my favorites. Beautifully unexpected, yet somehow the only logical conclusion.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Ourselves Alone - "I trusted you. I loved you."

SPOILER WARNING - [video link]

I don't know or care what specifically Riley meant by that, but the palpability of betrayal was so heartbreaking. In spite of the fight scene that followed being somewhat questionably choreographed, it was a good scene. And I realllllly wish I had known Dan Thomsen was the writer when I met him at that party.

Higher Ground, Babe in Arms - The bear statue. (4:04 - end)

Only Shelby would run away to be by herself after she saved someone (and denied it). It's a simple scene, but I love it. And I think it's where my love of being alone outside at night started.

I wanted to pick a Dollhouse scene with Topher, a Supernatural scene with Sam & Dean, and something from Dead Like Me, but there were too many to choose from and none that jumped out immediately, so I'll save gushing about those shows for another day.
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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season)

I'm going to count that as last season since it's summertime now. Originally I would have said Glee, but though I'm behind about 5-7 episodes at the moment, I just didn't like where the show was going. Moving so quickly, missing great opportunities for emotional beats and character development (not to be confused with plot progress, as mentioned, they did that rapidly enough). FlashForward had some great potential in the "lesser" characters, but, IMHO, made some poor casting *and* character choices for leads. Ultimately, the show failed so I guess it's irrelevant anyway.

So I guess I'll go with a less than enthusiastic tie between...

1. Modern Family

I do love this show. They use a lot of gags that are tired and trite in regular sitcoms and somehow turn them around and make them fresh in a family-oriented show that features a lot of younger kids. I'm not entirely sure how they make it work, but they do. It's a really funny show, and so worth catching week to week.

This is my favorite scene from the pilot. Cameron and Mitchell adopted a baby and Cameron is trying to tell his family...

2. Caprica

I've only seen about 4-5 episodes of this so far, which is why I hesitate to include it. But pickings were super slim last season, and I did absolutely love the pilot of Caprica. I've heard it only got better towards the mid-season finale (the second half of season one hadn't aired yet) so hopefully once I get that far, I'll feel more confident about having included it here.

So the pilot of Caprica was like watching BSG as a high school drama. Which to me, is awesomeness. Halfway through the episode, they destroyed the viewers' sense of what the show was going to be about (to me, anyway) and while I'm...a little disappointed, I guess, in the direction that took, I highly respect the balls it took to do that, and the way it was handled. If the show keeps getting better and manages to build an awesome plot arch while developing the younger characters, then I'll be in for the long haul. Though it wasn't my favorite just because of personal tastes, BSG was brilliant (up to the last couple episodes anyway), and I hope Caprica manages to develop a similarly strong emotional core.

Here's a promo for the first season:

Side note: If you're a bit iffy on sci-fi, as I am (I mostly watch supernatural stuff-- there IS a difference), it's still worth giving this show a shot. It's not a "ship show" like BSG was, and it's more about...advanced gadgets and the birth of a new technology, while revolving mostly around the families effected by and affecting this change in the world and humanity.
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Day 2: A show that you wish more people were watching

I'm going to assume this means a current show. Gosh, to be honest, there's nothing on right now (meaning either this summer or that was on last season/is returning in the fall) that I absolutely love and want everyone to watch. Except maybe Supernatural, but a lot of people watch that anyway. So I guess I'm going to have to go with...

Children's Hospital

Basically it's a web series that got picked up by adult swim to do 15 minute episodes this summer. They're currently re-airing the original ten 5-minute episodes that were "broadcast" on, and then they'll have new stuff. What I believe is the first new episode is already on the adult swim website.

The very loose premise of the show is that it's a bunch of doctors in a children's hospital doing incredibly inappropriate things. It's pretty much a parody of every medical show ever. Which is awesome cuz those shows are ridiculous. And Children's Hospital is even more ridiculous, but in an absolutely awesome way. Plus, I LOVE that it's an example of a web series that moved to television. Worth supporting.

Here's the first ep:


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