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Jan. 17th, 2011 01:00 pm
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Today at work, I was in the stock room when someone called over the walkie talkies that Richard Pfeiffer was on the phone to place an order. This kid I work with turned to the guy next to him and said, "Did he say Richard Cypher? As in the seeker of truth?" which was, of course, EXACTLY what I was thinking at the time.

I have located someone at this job worth making friends with.

Completely unrelated sidenote: I have no respect for people who watermark their fucking icons. Yes, icon making is hard work. I've done it, I know. And credit is a wonderful thing and should be given. But let's face it, 99.9% of the time, you do NOT own the image(s) you are using to make an icon. You have no more claim to it than the people using it. It's rude and inconsiderate for people not to credit you when you ask, but seriously? Watermarking all your icons? Chill.
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Did we just split a $500 pledge for Camp Wanatachi 7 ways so we can share a 30 minute Skype session with Bridget Regan? Yes. Yes we did.

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Soooo. Rumor has it some of you wanted to know what it was like to meet Bridget Regan. Idek, maybe that rumor was false but my Twitter feed would sliiiiightly suggest otherwise XD

Epic story about meeting Bridget Regan cut for epic epicness. And flailing. Lots of flailing. )


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