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I love how I can make a comment about how fucking annoyed I am that Santana pretty much got the shit beat out of her by Lauren on Glee and it was 100% played off as a joke (specifically because if Kurt so much as gets slushied/thrown in a dumpster/shoved into a locker/etc it's OMG END OF THE WORLD), and the immediate response I get is basically: "Yeah, but did you see what a bitch she was being?"

Aaaaand rant. But a thoughtful one. )
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For pretty much the first time in the history of me having a LiveJournal (aka a long fucking time), I finally put a little bit of effort into making a profile. aka actually writing something there. So check it out if you have a chance! I think [ profile] greenhoodloxley  in particular will appreciate it XD

COMMUNITY IS BACK FROM HIATUS IN AN HOUR! RIGHT NOW!!! (I officially have no concept of time.)

Yes, I know it already aired in a lot of places, but Rachel Berry doesn't want you to rain on my parade.

I should probably go out and find some Glee friends who will understand this gif. Hrmph.

Right after I posted this an AWESOME Glee spoiler popped up in my flist! SO EXCITED! MUST CATCH UP!!!


Jan. 19th, 2011 12:25 pm
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None of the couples I've shipped in recent years have ended up (or will end up) together. Sometimes because they're all slashy and the shows just don't go there, but sometimes they're het and logical and still don't end up together. I think Roswell, Charmed, and Higher Ground (my first three non-kid favorite shows) were the only shows in which I strictly shipped canon pairings. Ever since then, as is true for many fangirls, my ships have gone straight to hell.

And I'm okay with that. It's what fandom is for, right? The slash stuff I totally understand not happening (especially because there's usually um, like no real indication of it in the shows), and even though I may get really angry about certain het pairings not happening in the show (*cough* Parker/Eliot *glareeee*), I'll live, and I still enjoy the show(s).

But if Brittana is not an endgame pairing, I am lighting my Glee DVDs on fire and throwing them over the wall onto the Paramount lot.


I read an interview with Heather Morris & Naya Rivera in which they said they're always trying to like, sit next to each other in the choir room scenes (even THEY want Brittana to happen, dammit!) but the directors keep making them sit next to other people. From what I've heard (cuz remember, I haven't watched this season and I FUCKING CAN'T WATCH TV TIL FEBRUARY -- which I may break for Glee cuz I'm terribly obsessing), the characters basically don't talk to each other anymore and never have scenes together. Yet they are supposed to be BFF. It's stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! And I have a feeling it's because they don't want to gay up the show too much........which makes absolutely no sense. It's all about Kurt. Kurt Kurt Kurt and his stupid bitchy self. I've grown to loathe Kurt. He was always a complete ASS to Rachel, but she's the character that always gets hated on by the other characters. Kurt can do no wrong. And he gets The Serious Storylines. Because he's gay. But (kinda secret) lesbians, no, that's perfectly fine to just make that a joke and then completely tear apart their storylines altogether. Glee is a comedy, I know. And if EVERYTHING was always jokes, that'd be one thing. But it's always srsbsns!Kurt and everyone else gets shit on.

Ugh this show makes me so ragey. As you all should know by now. Mostly because I can't fucking quit it. There is so much wrong with it and I just want to slap Ryan Murphy upside the head because I KNOW he's better than this, but at the same time it's Glee, and I can't help but love it, and love certain characters. 

The last time I had this sort of angry relationship with a show I wound up getting a tattoo for it. -.-

I leave you with a parting gif--
d'aww RL BFFs FTW

I just went off on a rant in the comments of [ profile] fandomsecrets that basically repeated everything I posted here and everyone who responded actually agrees with me. No one ever agrees with me on [info]fandomsecrets! Then again, most of my rants are about Eleven/Amy/Rory, so... o_O
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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season)

I'm going to count that as last season since it's summertime now. Originally I would have said Glee, but though I'm behind about 5-7 episodes at the moment, I just didn't like where the show was going. Moving so quickly, missing great opportunities for emotional beats and character development (not to be confused with plot progress, as mentioned, they did that rapidly enough). FlashForward had some great potential in the "lesser" characters, but, IMHO, made some poor casting *and* character choices for leads. Ultimately, the show failed so I guess it's irrelevant anyway.

So I guess I'll go with a less than enthusiastic tie between...

1. Modern Family

I do love this show. They use a lot of gags that are tired and trite in regular sitcoms and somehow turn them around and make them fresh in a family-oriented show that features a lot of younger kids. I'm not entirely sure how they make it work, but they do. It's a really funny show, and so worth catching week to week.

This is my favorite scene from the pilot. Cameron and Mitchell adopted a baby and Cameron is trying to tell his family...

2. Caprica

I've only seen about 4-5 episodes of this so far, which is why I hesitate to include it. But pickings were super slim last season, and I did absolutely love the pilot of Caprica. I've heard it only got better towards the mid-season finale (the second half of season one hadn't aired yet) so hopefully once I get that far, I'll feel more confident about having included it here.

So the pilot of Caprica was like watching BSG as a high school drama. Which to me, is awesomeness. Halfway through the episode, they destroyed the viewers' sense of what the show was going to be about (to me, anyway) and while I'm...a little disappointed, I guess, in the direction that took, I highly respect the balls it took to do that, and the way it was handled. If the show keeps getting better and manages to build an awesome plot arch while developing the younger characters, then I'll be in for the long haul. Though it wasn't my favorite just because of personal tastes, BSG was brilliant (up to the last couple episodes anyway), and I hope Caprica manages to develop a similarly strong emotional core.

Here's a promo for the first season:

Side note: If you're a bit iffy on sci-fi, as I am (I mostly watch supernatural stuff-- there IS a difference), it's still worth giving this show a shot. It's not a "ship show" like BSG was, and it's more about...advanced gadgets and the birth of a new technology, while revolving mostly around the families effected by and affecting this change in the world and humanity.


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