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Grabbed this from [ profile] greenhoodloxley.

Day 01 - A show that should have never been canceled
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This is a tough one. I have a lot of favorite shows that were canceled prematurely, but I'm gonna call this a tie between two.

1. Firefly

This show is on every list of the top shows that should never have been canceled. I'm not being original. I know. But anyone who knows me knows my devotion to Joss and his shows. As much as I love Dollhouse, I chose Firefly over it because I feel like it could have had more longevity since it wasn't a specific pre-plotted conspiracy like Dollhouse. I will say, though, that as great as I thought Firefly could have been, as it was, it was not one of my favorite shows. It just didn't last long enough. But the potential was definitely there. And I'd way rather watch Morena Baccarin be a classy whore than an alien Michael Cera look-a-like, not gonna lie.

Awesome reimagining of the Firefly theme:

2. Arrested Development

Another cliche, but also chosen for longevity. Arrested Development, in my opinion, ties with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for best comedy show ever. And what was so awesome about Arrested Development was all the in-jokes that required you to watch the whole series. Usually with comedies you can just pick up the show whenever, but this show rewarded the viewers for watching every episode by actually providing like, arcs and shit lol. Nice change.

Runners-up: Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dead Like Me, Drive, Popular, Legend of the Seeker


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