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Day 13: Favorite childhood show

I'm gonna assume "childhood" means pre-middle school. In that case, we have a whopping three-way tie between some AWESOME shows.

1. Ghostwriter

Arguably my first ever favorite show. It's the first I can remember anyway, besides the stock shows every parent made their kids watch (i.e. Sesame Street, Barney, etc.). I was totally obsessed with it. Read the majority of the books that went along with it. To this day, I can write in the code the bad guys used in the pilot episode as fluently as I can write English. And yes, I still get tons of weird looks when people notice I'm doing it. But hey, it's become habit when I'm writing in public. Ghostwriter basically set the stage for me to become the slightly deviant spy/stalker I am today, cuz I'd always make my friend Lyssa go with me to spy on all the neighbors and write their (really non-interesting) happenings down in a "casebook." The Nickelodeon Harriet the Spy movie, which used the same black and white speckled Mead notebook, only furthered this. Anyway, this show definitely had a huge impact on the way I turned out. It's cool cuz I've actually talked to a couple of the cast members on Facebook/Myspace since I've grown up. I'm nerdy like that :P

I'm still really bummed I never got to see the majority of the New Ghostwriter show, because even though I'm sure it wasn't nearly as good as the original, I heard more of the mystery of Ghostwriter himself was revealed, and I'd just love to see it. It's one of the few shows I haven't been able to find online anywhere in the digital era, but I'll keep diligently searching. One day...

2. Big Bad Beetleborgs (/Beetleborgs Metallix)

Oh the regret that I haven't seen all of this show either! But it ran for a lot of episodes. I wasn't allowed to watch Power Rangers growing up for whatever reason, yet somehow by 4th grade I was allowed to watch Beetle Borgs. Even though my pre-10 year old years were filled with repeated viewings of Star Wars and Christopher Reeves Superman movies, Beetle Borgs was, in a way, my first prolonged exposure to superheroes. And on-screen creatures (a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy, and a phantom were the supporting cast) -- though I'd been reading supernatural books since I took off my Dr. Seuss training wheels and crawled into a library. It was a silly show, but I loved it. And I'm fairly certain it's where my love of fight sequences started, and my love of superpowers was cemented. I have a sketchbook back home somewhere filled with weapon designs and villains. You know, back when I actually did stuff instead of surfed the internet all day.

3. The Secret World of Alex Mack

I didn't have cable growing up. But every year before we drove to Minnesota to visit my grandparents, my mom would let me pick out some books to buy. One year, probably in 3rd grade or so, I bought Into the Land of the Unicorns (still waiting to read the third in the trilogy, which FINALLY came out like a year ago) and a media tie-in for The Secret World of Alex Mack. See? Even when I was a kid I was reading "fan fiction" for shows before watching them, even if it was "professional" fan fic. Seriously, my destiny was determined long ago lol. But I didn't even realize it was a show until I brought another one of the books to my parents' friends' house and their kid told me about it and gave me the books he had, cuz he was too old for them by that time. And this started the long tradition of begging my grandmother to tape every episode that aired and mailing them to me from Minnesota. It also marked the first time I started picking out my own clothes (I went to a private school for grades 1-5 that had uniforms so clothes had never really mattered). Unfortunately, those clothes were to match the ones Alex wore on the back of every book as closely as possible. Aka...overalls, a plaid shirt tied around the waist, and a backwards cap. Alex Mack and private school are to blame for the fact that I have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever. But it was a great show. And I'm still bitter that the season 1 DVDs feature Jessica Alba when she was in like ONE EPISODE. Larisa Oleynik > Jessica Alba. Also, Nickelodeon REALLY needs to release the rest of the series on DVD. *sob* Though I own 'em on bootleg. And have never seen most of the last season, including the finale. Too painful!


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