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Year in Review! (stolen - this year - from [ profile] failingicarus )

Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2010. That's your year in review.

Jan: Hi, my name is Rachel. I have a long-running secret addiction to Miley/Lilly Hannah Montana fan fiction. (omg why did my year start with this???)

Feb: Things are going alright so far.

March: i am drunk. as usual.

April: Legend of the Seeker got canceled. I want to kill everyone.

May: Honest to God, I do not think I can handle how hot Tabrett Bethell is. (this was followed by a .gif of "the tongue lick" - you know the one)

June: This me, in this timeline, wants to be a writer.

July: Liiiivejournalllll. I've been ignoring this thing for so long that I forgot all the things I was gonna say.

Aug: I read the other day that the only way to write a zombie plague movie now is to make it ABOUT something else -- just being a zombie plague movie is no longer a hook.

Sept: Finally got around to uploading a bunch of icons I'd downloaded over the past year.

Oct: Went to see Easy A today with [ profile] proudfoot . It was super awesome.

Nov: Someone yell at me if I don't at least watch the pilot of Vampire Diaries this week.

 You ever feel like you've followed someone on Twitter for so long (or been LJ friends, w/e) that you would feel way too guilty to unfollow them even though you kind of really want to?

Yyyyep, that actually does sum up my year pretty nicely, with a few notable exclusions, but oh well.


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