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Typing this up for my Twitter peeps who had questions for Josh Friedman. None of these are direct quotes, just me relaying his answers and other various things. 

So for those who don't know, Josh Friedman - creator of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, writer of Black Dahlia, Chain Reaction (3rd movie I ever owned on DVD), War of the Worlds, and most recently working on a TV adaptation of Locke & Key for FOX - tweeted earlier today that he was at a restaurant about 3 blocks away from where I live, and that people could come by and ask questions. I had no questions, and hate leaving my apartment, but absolutely had to go. So I made up some things to ask, and grabbed a few suggestions from teh Twitter peeps, and went and walked around the restaurant about three times before going in and just hanging out for an hour. So here goes:

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Since apparently all I'm doing right now is updating LiveJournal, like, rather than doing all the other tons of stuff I should be doing, I should maybe perhaps finally talk about OMG THE PARAMORE CONCERT. aka THAT TIME I TOUCHED HAYLEY WILLIAMS.

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Soooo. Rumor has it some of you wanted to know what it was like to meet Bridget Regan. Idek, maybe that rumor was false but my Twitter feed would sliiiiightly suggest otherwise XD

Epic story about meeting Bridget Regan cut for epic epicness. And flailing. Lots of flailing. )


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