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Paramore just broke up. I hate everything. I fucking hate everything. This is like Evanescence all over again, except worse, because it's Paramore, and I actually give a damn.
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Since apparently all I'm doing right now is updating LiveJournal, like, rather than doing all the other tons of stuff I should be doing, I should maybe perhaps finally talk about OMG THE PARAMORE CONCERT. aka THAT TIME I TOUCHED HAYLEY WILLIAMS.

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louder now!

Nov. 4th, 2010 05:06 pm
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I just love this picture sfm. And that is all.
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LJ, I've been ignoring the crap out of you since I went on my trip. This week, I will pick back up on those memes I never got around to finishing, give an update on how AWESOME (read: boring as hell) life is without a job and what new schemes I'm coming up with to make friends with Emma Stone and/or get famous and rich really quick, and.....wait for it.....finally write up a post about meeting fucking Paramore. It won't be too epic because my brain scrambles awesome shit after it happens because it's SO AWESOME, but it will still be pretty epic just because it's Paramore. And it was the best concert ever. And I'm quitting life and following them on tour next summer. But all of that will come in an entry soon. 

Right now I'm applying to a bunch of craptacular minimum wage jobs, finishing up Dial M For Murder (film school will kill me, but seriously, how is this a thriller? It's so boring!), and contemplating throwing away this disgusting microwaved fish I just attempted to eat. 

I know you really wanted to know.

PS: I'm 23 now. I feel really old, and have passed my last favorite age-related song - "23" by Jimmy Eat World. No longer can I sing "I'll be 23," cuz fuck it, I am. So lame. I've got a lot to do this year.


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