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I love how I can make a comment about how fucking annoyed I am that Santana pretty much got the shit beat out of her by Lauren on Glee and it was 100% played off as a joke (specifically because if Kurt so much as gets slushied/thrown in a dumpster/shoved into a locker/etc it's OMG END OF THE WORLD), and the immediate response I get is basically: "Yeah, but did you see what a bitch she was being?"

I love that shows like Glee are instilling that kind of response into people. Physical violence is totally cool when it means an "underdog" character (who, btw, isn't really portrayed as an underdog so I don't buy into that) triumphs over someone who says mean things to them. Obviously it's totally fine, it was played for laughs after all. I haven't seen the rest of the episode yet but from what I've read, that was the follow up to the verbal lashing Santana got from the rest of Glee, which actually made the HBIC cry. Which I believe was also played for laughs, but again, haven't seen it, only have read message boards beyond that one scene.

It just...gah. This shit pisses me off. The same way that Santana/Quinn/everyone else's bullying of Rachel kind of pissed me off in season one. Back then, EVERYONE'S bullying was just for humor, so it wasn't so bad. But now they're basically, though probably unintentionally, drawing lines between what kind of bullying is okay, and what kinds aren't. DEAR SHOW, NONE OF IT IS OKAY. I get that this is a comedy. Slushies are funny. Hurling insults at people is funny. It's clever, it works, I dig it. But a balance has to be kept, especially since it's really a dramedy rather than a comedy, and Glee is not balancing this correctly. I can rage and rage about how I hate that they draw the balance between humorous bullying vs. srs bsns bullying ONLY utilizing "things that don't happen to Kurt," vs. "things that happen to Kurt," respectively (not to mention how Kurt himself IS a bully as well -- let's face it, with the possible exceptions of Tina and Brittany and Mike, THEY ARE ALL BULLIES AT SOME POINT). But people just tell me I'm taking the show too seriously (even though plenty of other fans have expressed this concern/annoyance).

But seriously? This? Yes, the characters had hilarious lines. The actors were great. (The editing was really awkward but let's not get into that.) But "underdog" chick beating another girl up to no consequences? The ex-boyfriend finding it totally hot and, you know, just standing there like an ass? Ending it all on a punch line to make sure everything stays all silly and fluffy and light-hearted? This is totally alright? Did I miss something? 

Whatever. People are gonna say I'm overreacting again, but the writers of this show are the ones who decided they were going to use it as a platform for social issues (read: gay white male issues). That is ALL on them. And now that they've crossed the line from being purely storytellers to stepping up on their soapbox to preach to the masses, they need to fucking accept responsibility for the shit they're putting out there.

But I rant a lot, so maybe I'm just full of it. Watch went down for yourself.

Holy shit, this was a long comment

Date: 2011-02-12 12:49 pm (UTC)
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1. Even though I kind of stopped watching Glee, I was at a person's house tonight and we happened to watch this very episode, so I actually can contribute! (Though not nearly as coherently...)

2. I didn't get the impression that the making-Santana-cry was played off for laughs. I mean, some of the things she said were funny (the Mr. Schu 12-step program thing), but I think you were supposed to feel kind of sorry for her. Because she said some bitchy things, yeah, but she still has feelings. I don't know. I, at least, felt kind of sorry for her in that scene. The fact that she didn't cry while she was leaving then was bawling with just Brittany. ♥ But mostly... they were bitchy. And someone calling someone else out on their bitchiness? I don't see anything wrong with it. The fact they ganged up on her was a bit uncool, but still, it was more of a wake-up-call, I felt, than an attack. That said...

3. The beating thing was way too far. I mean, Puck being turned on by it, I expect. He's kind of an asshole character anyway (or at least, he was the last time I watched it and he seemed to still be in this one). But especially the fucking gym coach just telling Lauren to leave? Wtf. Her ass would have been--and should have been--hauled down to the principal's office and suspended. I love that Lauren stood up to Santana when she insulted Lauren and is portrayed as a genuinely strong character, not just "I'm trying to be strong because secretly I'm insecure!"*; that said, slamming her against the lockers? Not making me like her! If she had put her down verbally for being a bitch, okay, that's fine, but I mean, she was literally tossing her around! And though I'm firmly of the opinion that if someone else starts it, you damn well have a right to finish it, I don't condone the instigation of physical violence.

I don't know. That whole scene just was really uncomfortable to watch. And the fact that it just... disappeared. We'll never mention it again or use it as anything but a way to make Puck and Lauren's romance go further. Wtf, Glee, wtf.

4. I liked Kurt! I love that his dad stood up for him, and Kurt backed off, even though he knew his dad had his back, because he didn't want his dad to deal with it. And then they threw in that fucking CREEPY storyline where he maneuvered Finn into moving in with them and kept hitting on him and even though that led to epic!Kurt's-dad scene, Kurt freaked me out from then on. I think that was actually the point I stopped watching the show because...Ugh. I know when I have a crush on someone, my first thought is to make them my step-sibling and horribly uncomfortable with my constant, blatant attentions! That totally will work!

This is mostly tangential. It just still gives me the Willy Wonkas.

* Note, this is the first episode I've even seen this character or the gym coach, so. Yeah. My impressions may be skewed.

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Re: Holy shit, this was a long comment

Date: 2011-02-12 04:04 pm (UTC)
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Re #2: Good to hear it didn't necessarily play out the way I'd heard. Like I said, I still need to actually watch it for myself :P Santana's probably my favorite character right now, and I realize I'm very likely oversensitive to the way they treat her storylines (which is generally "not at all") so it's a little difficult to look at this stuff with an unbiased opinion.

And yeah, I used to like Kurt, and there are things about him I like, but...I guess mostly I hate how for the most part he's usually so, so terrible to Rachel (who isn't the best person in the world, but you have to admit her intentions lack any malice for the most part) and it's always completely okay because tehe he's Kurt and he's funny. He's a character I want to like, but I just find it difficult to sometimes (which basically sums up my feelings about the show itself as well). I also hate how his storylines dominate...kind of everything this season. But I'm starting to wonder if I should be blaming that more on Blaine than on Kurt. idk. I need to fully, legit catch up still...

Date: 2011-02-12 04:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, I see where the fight was intended to be funny, but there's the whole thing, where Santana is obviously being thrown HARD, into metal. It's not like she's some superhero who can handle it. The character, is going to have bruises.

Secondly, Santana's words are her armor. It's like they just took it away from her, and so now this obviously mismatched fight can occur. Lauren might as well be a guy, for the strength advantage she has over Santana.

So in conclusion, I see how the kungfu was supposed to be funny... but it just wasn't.

And I'm tired of the gLee kids being mean to each other.

There's a better way to get drama.


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