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None of the couples I've shipped in recent years have ended up (or will end up) together. Sometimes because they're all slashy and the shows just don't go there, but sometimes they're het and logical and still don't end up together. I think Roswell, Charmed, and Higher Ground (my first three non-kid favorite shows) were the only shows in which I strictly shipped canon pairings. Ever since then, as is true for many fangirls, my ships have gone straight to hell.

And I'm okay with that. It's what fandom is for, right? The slash stuff I totally understand not happening (especially because there's usually um, like no real indication of it in the shows), and even though I may get really angry about certain het pairings not happening in the show (*cough* Parker/Eliot *glareeee*), I'll live, and I still enjoy the show(s).

But if Brittana is not an endgame pairing, I am lighting my Glee DVDs on fire and throwing them over the wall onto the Paramount lot.


I read an interview with Heather Morris & Naya Rivera in which they said they're always trying to like, sit next to each other in the choir room scenes (even THEY want Brittana to happen, dammit!) but the directors keep making them sit next to other people. From what I've heard (cuz remember, I haven't watched this season and I FUCKING CAN'T WATCH TV TIL FEBRUARY -- which I may break for Glee cuz I'm terribly obsessing), the characters basically don't talk to each other anymore and never have scenes together. Yet they are supposed to be BFF. It's stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! And I have a feeling it's because they don't want to gay up the show too much........which makes absolutely no sense. It's all about Kurt. Kurt Kurt Kurt and his stupid bitchy self. I've grown to loathe Kurt. He was always a complete ASS to Rachel, but she's the character that always gets hated on by the other characters. Kurt can do no wrong. And he gets The Serious Storylines. Because he's gay. But (kinda secret) lesbians, no, that's perfectly fine to just make that a joke and then completely tear apart their storylines altogether. Glee is a comedy, I know. And if EVERYTHING was always jokes, that'd be one thing. But it's always srsbsns!Kurt and everyone else gets shit on.

Ugh this show makes me so ragey. As you all should know by now. Mostly because I can't fucking quit it. There is so much wrong with it and I just want to slap Ryan Murphy upside the head because I KNOW he's better than this, but at the same time it's Glee, and I can't help but love it, and love certain characters. 

The last time I had this sort of angry relationship with a show I wound up getting a tattoo for it. -.-

I leave you with a parting gif--
d'aww RL BFFs FTW

I just went off on a rant in the comments of [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets that basically repeated everything I posted here and everyone who responded actually agrees with me. No one ever agrees with me on [info]fandomsecrets! Then again, most of my rants are about Eleven/Amy/Rory, so... o_O

Date: 2011-01-20 01:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kitsjay.livejournal.com
Basically, this:

And he gets The Serious Storylines. Because he's gay. But (kinda secret) lesbians, no, that's perfectly fine to just make that a joke and then completely tear apart their storylines altogether.

THANK YOU. I agree so completely. I stopped watching Glee a while ago, but they were really the only pairing that I kind of liked and it's just. :|| Let's make it a joke! Let's make it funny! Let's make it hawt! BUT WE CAN'T DO THAT TO KURT BECAUSE ZOMG HE'S A GAY MAN.

Gay women are just. When's a show going to do them right? Other than Willow, I can't think of one lesbian character on a show that didn't feel like it was played for laughs or to get the menz watching.

(This is a legit question. You know way more TV than I do, so guide me. I tried The L Word but couldn't really get into it. Watching Lip Service soon, hopefully that's better?)

Date: 2011-01-20 01:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] paperscout.livejournal.com
I watched the first two seasons of The L Word, and there's some legit stuff in there, but it's so damn soap opera-y. Like, ALL it was about was lesbians. I couldn't stomach that for any longer than I can stomach something that's ALL about het couples hooking up, like OTH or The OC or w/e (though I actually think OTH at least had some more well rounded characters than The L Word). Actually, the point at which I completely lost faith in The L Word was the end of s1 where there's like...a semi-rape scene? Which all the fans considered hot angry sex. I was just like umm what? No. It was so bizarre, I just don't even.

My rm watches Lip Service and likes it, but she watches as much trashy TV as she does good, so idk if it's any decent.

I've heard the last series of Skins had a really good, convincing lesbian pairing? Supposedly South of Nowhere did too, but I could never get into that show. I never finished watching Hex, but the best friend was a lesbian, and cool, and it was a good show. Meaning to finish that one day. Oh! And Pretty Little Liars is supposed to have a decent lesbian storyline going on, but I haven't watched that show yet either, and I'm sure it's a guilty pleasure show (but probably no more than anything else listed).

The thing that I really do like about Brittany/Santana on Glee is that the actors ship it. Naya Rivera has actually said she thinks Brittany is Santana's soulmate. Which is awesome. I feel like if they're actively fighting for it, and Heather Morris is more and more becoming a fan favorite, eventually this Kurt storyline has to at least fade, and hopefully they will do the B/S stuff some justice. I mean, the fans very much take them seriously, and that's been an amazing and cool reaction to see. Yes, most of the fans are still obsessed with Kurt, but Brittana has strong support. I'm willing to see where it goes, I think.
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Date: 2011-01-20 01:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kitsjay.livejournal.com
Yeah, I watched the first few episodes of The L Word and it seemed like it was actually going to start out fairly light-hearted and then suddenly it just dissolved into soap opera. I kept expecting a long-lost twin sister (who is, naturally, also a lesbian) to appear. And agreed. I don't want an entire cast of lesbians, just one or two believable ones, kthxbai.

I've heard of Skins and South of Nowhere! I haven't tried them yet, but I might give them a go. And Hex! I saw a preview for that and wanted to see it then forgot all about it. Will have to download now...

Yeah, I mean, it was kind of a throw-away joke at first but everyone responded so positively. I love it. I think it's cute and awesome and Brittany is one of my favorite characters so. ♥ I just wish the directors would take it more seriously. I don't really understand their reticence to do so? I mean, "making the show too gay". :| Really?


Date: 2011-01-20 01:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] paperscout.livejournal.com
I don't know how often you read fic these days, or what kind of fic you read, but I would highly recommend searching out some B/S fic. It's literally what made me fall in love with them, and specifically Santana (cuz I mean c'mon, who DOESN'T love Brittany in the show naturally?). A lot of the writers have a really good sense of them, even more than the *actual* show writers seem to at this point in time. I haven't stumbled across very many OOC fics for the couple, which is rare, especially in a...well, immature fandom like Glee. There's an LJ comm for them on my profile, I'm pretty sure it's called "brittana" but I'm totally too lazy to check haha


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