Jan. 18th, 2011

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I think I posted something about this briefly, but I realized recently that going to Starbucks was really the only thing I did every day, my only sense of routine. The last month of working a random schedule in retail, 6 months of semi-unemployment before that, some personal assisting, moving and traveling for a couple months, and even 3.5 years of randomly scheduled college classes, there really hasn't been any sort of routine in my life. In a lot of ways, that's great. But I think I need some sort of constant (and Daniel Faraday cannot be my constant since he's not actually real *cough*Lost joke*cough*), so apparently going to Starbucks was it. And it's been that more than actual coffee that I've been missing in these past couple weeks of going without (okay I had it once when I was so tired I thought I was going to die, but of course, caffeine has no impact on me anymore).

So I'm trying to think of something new I can do every day. "Write" is the obvious choice, but I think I need something more specific than that in order to make myself stick to it. Even like, "write a fan fic drabble" or "write really bad poetry" or something. But I haven't decided what. Ideally a really strong writing habit will build from that, because obviously, that's what I need. I just...need to find a way to get there. Or maybe not even something specific at all, but just that I have to write and post one thing for accountability each day (not on this LJ, don't worry. I already post enough as it is haha). Maybe for like 30 days, or 60 or 100, in a row. Just to DO it. I've gotten pretty decent at taking things away from myself, but now I need to deal with building new habits on top of that.

I don't think this is really the kind of thing where I can ask for suggestions, but hey, if for some reason anyone has some, let me know lol


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